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BPO - Benefits

British Trade and Industry Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, at a national conference of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said, "It is much easier to see the short term benefits of protectionism than to see the long term costs to consumers and business competitiveness."

This is the crux of the pro-outsourcing argument. BPO India offers benefits not only in terms of cost reduction, but also in terms of increased productivity and quality. Companies along with their customers benefit since they can access some of the best talent and expertise in the industry at lower rates.

BPO Service Offerings

Poligon Initiative is offering service solutions in various sectors.

Call Center Services

In an increasingly competitive business environment attracting new customers or retaining old ones is essential. Whether your needs involve customer support or lead generation, Indian call centers offer a range of services to cater to your requirements.

We at Poligon Initiative have extensive experience in handling both outbound and inbound campaigns. Our skills in successfully managing several projects for a range of international clientele ensure that we can cater to your call center requirements, however simple or complex. We have a wealth of experience in this area and can help your business gain that competitive edge. We have stringent security measures, quality processes, and state of the art infrastructure to enhance your call center campaign.


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  • Customer Service India - Quality, infrastructure, processes, and people in call centers in India

Technical Support

  • Technical Support Services - What Technical Support Services Can be Outsourced to India ?
  • Technical Support Training - What sort of processes, training, infrastructure, and quality measures are involved in technical support in India .
  • Outsourcing Technical Support - Why is it important to outsource technical support?

Outbound Telemarketing

  • Telemarketing services - What are the various telemarketing services that can be outsourced to India ?

Disaster Recovery

  • Call Center Disaster Recovery - Indian Call Centers are equipped for continuity services.

Data Management Services

At Poligon Initiative we believe in creating a hassle free outsourcing experience for our customers and our strategic partnership with a Canadian data management firm does just that. This partnership integrates offshore cost savings with the convenience of a North American presence with more than twenty years of outsourcing experience. Providing a wide range of professional data services, familiarity with the data rules and regulations of different countries, the ability to provide accurate data services in languages other than English, along with both organizations' experience in executing various data management projects successfully, are the advantages of having your data managed by us.

Together, we offer a full range of sophisticated data management services using leading edge tools supported by experienced personnel. Your application is replicated in function and specifically designed to benefit from the integration of Poligon Initiative's labour component. By addressing all startup issues locally, our partner identifies and migrates those functions best handled by Poligon Initiative with no impact on your deliverables. The proximity of a local provider combined with the cost savings of an offshore labor pool ensures that your application is accessible, cost effective and fully integrated into your legacy enterprise systems.

Professional Data Services

  • Event Registration Services
  • Fulfillment and Mailing Services
  • Data cleansing and normalization
  • Document imaging, data capture and information processing
  • Legacy system consulting and outsource applicability
  • Custom data export/import interfaces with audits
  • Inbound mail and web data capture services
  • Bonded mail handling, cash, credit and check processing
  • Web based indexed document retrieval services, tools and support
  • Fulfillment of receipts, statements and other variable imaged correspondence
  • Real time web based application tracking, status and throughput compliance
  • Data analytics, reporting and warehousing

Data Processing

  • Data Processing - Why India for data processing services?
  • Data Processing India - How does it work? Quality, infrastructure, people, etc

Data Conversion

  • Data Conversion - Why outsource data conversion? Why India ?
  • Document Conversion - Variety of document conversion requirements like pdf to word, tiff to pdf, image to excel, and image to xhtml among others.
  • Book Conversion - Outsourcing the digitization of books
  • Legal Document Preparation - This case study illustrates the potential of outsourcing legal document preparation to India
  • CAD Conversion - Conversion services for engineers, architects, and others with large and speciality document conversion requirements
  • XML Conversion - Converting documents to XML

Data Entry

  • Data Entry - The need for data entry
  • Data Entry Services - What data entry services are provided in India ?
  • Data Entry Outsourcing - What are the strengths of Indian companies in this area?

Electronic Document Management

  • Electronic Document Management (EDM) - The need for EDM and the advantages of outsourcing this work
  • EDM India - What services do Indian companies offer?
  • Outsourcing EDM - Useful information on how to outsource this kind of work

Digital Photo Enhancement

  • Digital Photo Enhancement - Imaging services for any format

Desktop Publishing

  • DTP - What can Indian companies do for you?

Internet Publishing

  • Internet Publishing - A range of publishing services and projects that can be outsourced

Content Development

  • Content Development - What content development services can be outsourced to India ?

Animation Services

After Hollywood , India has the second largest entertainment industry and the most profitable annual film production output. "The Indian animation industry is seen to have the potential to touch revenues of of over $1.5 billion by 2005 from the current level of $1 billion". (The Economic Times, November 19, 2003 ). Indian animation firms have the capability and expertise to carry out a range of animation services from 2d/3d animation to architectural design to medical animation to post production film scanning/recording.

  • Visual Communication
  • Animation
  • Architectural Design
  • Digitizing
  • Medical Animation
  • 3d rendering and Virtual Room Design
  • Engineering Services

Healthcare Services

There are several healthcare professionals and organizations that outsource healthcare services ranging from patient scheduling to accounts receivable. If you need to outsource healthcare services why not opt for India ? Indian Service Providers invest heavily in technology, quality, infrastructure and processes to ensure great results.

At Poligon Initiative we aim at reducing costs and raising revenues for our clients, by delivering high-quality, cost effective solutions, which utilize state-of-the-art technology. Along with our partner in healthcare we have extensive experience in handling several healthcare projects successfully and exceeding customer expectations. We have a specialized team in place who are well versed in HIPAA and all work done complies strictly with it and any additional security measures our customers may require.

Medical Billing

  • Outsourcing Medical Billing - Poligon Initiative's expertise in medical billing can help you obtain a competitive edge and save on your current staffing related expenditures.
  • Medical Billing Process - This is a simple outline of how the medical billing process will be carried out once the outsourcing relationship begins.

Medical Coding

  • Medical Coding India - The coding process, quality standards, and how you can benefit from outsourcing medical coding to Poligon Initiative.
  • Outsourcing Medical Coding - Outsourcing Medical Coding to India .
  • Medical Coding and Billing Training - Medical coding and billing agents undergo intensive training in order to provide error free and great quality results.


  • Outsource Radiology - The need to outsource radiology is not simply based on cost, but on the need for better quality health care.
  • Teleradiology in India - The benefits and advantages of outsourcing radiology to India
  • Clinical Services India - There are a range of clinical services that can be outsourced to India like 3D Reconstruction & Processing Services, Collaborative Reporting Solutions, Teleradiology Services, Oncology Services, Orthopedics Services, and Medical Management Services

Medical Transcription

  • Medical Transcription Outsourcing - What can Poligon Initiative do for you?
  • Medical Transcription - Training, quality, and delivery schedules
  • Outsourcing Medical Transcription - Why India for medical transcription?

Financial Services

Poligon Initiative can manage your financial services requirement, whatever the size or complexity, in the areas of bookkeeping, tax preparation and other accounting related services. By utilizing a virtual delivery model, we enable customers to save about 30 to 40 percent of their labor costs.

Domain Experience

  • Professionals (CPAs, Doctors, Lawyers)
  • Non-Profits
  • Retail
  • Property Management
  • Construction
  • Create icons and logos
  • Transportation

Services That Can Be Outsourced

  • General Accounting (Bookkeeping, A/P, A/R)
  • Bank Statement Consolidation
  • Payroll and Tax returns
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting (Balance Sheet Analysis)
  • Non-Profit Accounting
  • Check Processing
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Outsource Bookkeeping
  • QuickBooks Accounting

Outsourcing Software Development

More and more Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing software development to India . A strong supply of high-class programming talent, favorable government and tax incentives, and the ability to work efficiently with international time zones are some of the reasons why India is an attractive destination for offshore software development. By outsourcing their software development needs, companies can focus more on their core competencies and rely on service providers to manage critical, non-core processes for them.

Indian Software Companies - Transforming your Business

Indian service providers are well versed in web and software development. The kinds of solutions offered are not just limited to mere execution of your requirements. Creativity, talent, and expertise allow Indian software developers to suggest ways in which you can transform your business. In some cases, if you choose, they can even define your business model. They adopt a customer centric approach where they make it their job to listen, to research, and to understand the requirements, so that they can provide you with truly unique and effective solutions. A flexible outlook makes them open to creating and developing any kind of website or web application.

Outsourcing Custom Software Development

A successful outsourcing relationship is based on clear communication and transparency of action and through this Indian service providers strive to make your outsourcing experience a comfortable one. They focus on creative, scalable solutions that reflect your "personality", operational needs, and the success of your online and offline marketing strategy. An application can be created from the ground up, providing you with exactly what you need, not just what is available.

Software Development Expertise

Outsourcing software development to India is not a new practice and as Indian developers have worked with all sorts of requirements they have developed expertise with different kinds of technologies. All custom web and software development projects are developed using industry standard tools and are validated and tested for browser compatibility. They guarantee that any custom web application developed is guaranteed to work with your existing systems. The addition of multimedia enhancements like online messaging and conferencing services, bulletin boards, searchable databases, content management, online learning tools and courses, product catalogs, etc can make a website more interactive. Whether you need a dynamic, database-driven website or a fully functioning e-commerce web site, Indian software developers have the creative talent and technical expertise to accommodate your company's web development needs..

Outsource your software development to India

Indian companies have done diverse work and cater to clients from all over the world. From Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs, from those who wish to establish an online presence and create more channels for their business to those who require complex web sites that offer online transactions and more interactivity, Indian developers have catered to them all.

Outsource your web and software development to India and get access to some of the best expertise and talent. Indian developers help you make informed decisions that will solidify your business or presence on the web and allow your web venture to expand and grow. By focusing on your web site and your customer they aim to make your experience a positive one.

Additional Services

There are several services that can be outsourced to India . Content development ranging from writing on a variety of topics to creating icons and logos for a website; E Learning where one can have courses designed for specific requirements; Software testing to ensure quality, and many more. Indian Service Providers hone their skills constantly to provide more value to your business.

  • Creative Services - Creative Writing and Communication
  • Mac Design and DTP
  • Embedded Software Solutions
  • Smart Card Solutions
  • Internet Marketing
  • E Learning
  • Software Testing
  • HR
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